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APP Features

The medical information APP is developed by physicians and healthcare specialists
to assist practicing healthcare clinicians and the curious public.

The FibonacciMD.APP is an advanced online medical information technology platform enabling registered members to easily access relevant but simplified medical information. FibonacciMD APP features include a Compendium, Annotate, CME, and a Library of articles, CMEs, InBriefs, Culinary Medicine topics, and health-conscious Recipies. 


EASY ACCESS: The APP is accessible from your desktop, tablet, and mobile phone - just go to Additional easy access is available via the Google Chrome browser with our FibonacciMD plugin extension. You can also bookmark the app on your phone just look for FibonacciMD on Google Play and The App Store. Or add our WIX APP icon to your phone. 

FibonacciCME is the online Continuing Medical Education feature of the Up to 24 hours of CME Credit, AMA approved Category 1.  Read one of our Blog Articles of current medical interest, answer 5 test questions, respond to a short CME evaluation and then receive our CME certificate cosponsored by the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson.

Check the CME Topic Schedule.  Go to the CME feature on the APP.

The Compendium feature on the FibonacciMD app is our online search for medical information. The Compendium quickly defines a broad spectrum of medical terminology, causes, risk factors, medications, and also aids diagnosis. It is a valuable asset and a time-saving tool during patient management and treatment.

more about FibonacciCOMPENDIUMGo to the Compendium feature on the APP.


FibonacciCME, CME, online continuing medical education
FibonacciCOMPENDIUM, medical compendium

Annotate your medical documents (PDF and Docs) with this simple document upload. This feature can save you valuable time with quick definitions of the complicated medical terms within your  document. The definitions include cause and risk factors, diagnostic parameters, and much more.  In addition, you can easily annotate charts in your EMR.

more about FibonacciANNOTATE. Go to the Annotate feature on the APP.


FibonacciANNOTATE, annotate your emr PDFs or docs

The FibonacciLIBRARY provides access to all of the content created by FibonacciMD in PDF format. This includes CME articles, Medical In Brief articles, Patient Handouts, and FibonacciRECIPES. Everything in the library is accessible to members (for $5/month). Non-members may purchase individual PDFs for $1.00.


View the list of available Library content.  Go to the FibonacciLIBRARY on APP.     

Culinary Medicine is our category for topics about how to use whole foods as medicine, nutrition, Integrative Medicine, and Bariatric Medicine.  Our FibonacciRECIPES supports many of the Culinary Medicine topics. 

read Culinary Medicine article in our FibonacciBLOG

Culinary medicine is hugely important to many. In FibonacciRECIPES we have gathered recipes that are appropriate for a variety of medical conditions, they are created and approved by our medical community. Each recipe also includes nutritional information. The recipes are delicious and easy to make. Recipes are posted regularly on our blog. ALL the FibonacciRECIPES are included in the APP. View the list of health-conscious recipes.


fibonacciRECIPES, recipes, health conscious recipes

More Features Coming Soon

Soon our APP icon will be in the Apple APP Store and Google Play. 


Access to our patented EMR chart integrated platform in most EMR systems.

Learn more about MEMBERSHIP or sign up in the

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