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Our goals:

Our number one goal is to expand our Compendium. We want to reach 10,000 medications, medical diagnoses, signs, and treatments in our Compendium. We want to expand our database to include evidence-based integrative medicine, nutrition, and bariatric medicine.


For our physicians and the medical community we are developing a platform to offer continuing medical education credits when reading our blog articles or other portions of our APP.  And our programmers are continually working to further evolve our patented Annotation platform.


And for our non-medical users or professionals, we want to create a Patient Version of our medical compendium. Patients will then be able to access our App directly or the medical practitioner can give out selected handouts


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*Choose medical terms that are not currently in our compendium or one that we have done but you would like to see more information added. New terms will be subject to editorial approval and availability of editorial staff.  Further details will be provided upon membership purchase. For 2020, choose one new term per month. Publication of any entry critique is subject to editorial approval.  FibonacciMD cascades are not meant to be comprehensive.  Entries are meant to be relevant and time-saving.