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Malignant Melanoma Q&A

In Brief

What are the A,B,C,D,E’s of melanoma?

The “ABCDE” acronym is used for clinical diagnosis of melanoma. This includes asymmetric shape, border irregularities, color variation (multiple colors present), diameter > 6 mm, and evolution (lesion is changing in color, shape, or size, or the development of a new lesion).

What is the Ugly Duckling sign?

The “ugly duckling sign,” in which one mole-like lesion appears much different from other moles on the body, is also indicative of clinical suspicion.

At what depth of invasion is a sentinel node biopsy indicated?

The Breslow classification system is used for classification of melanoma and is based on the depth of invasion. Generally, if the depth of invasion > 0.8 mm, a sentinel lymph node biopsy is indicated. However, other factors may influence this recommendation.

Can melanoma occur as a primary other than in the skin?

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