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Join the

  • Access FibonacciCME for online tests and CME certification

  • Access to our full medical COMPENDIUM

  • Upload your EMR and docs to ANNOTATE

  • Access to FibonacciLIBRARY

    • Medical Articles, Essays, and InBriefs PDFs

    • Patient Handout PDFs

    • Articles for the Curious Public PDFs

FibonacciMD APP Membership

The monthly subscription has FULL access to FibonacciMD

Six Month Membership for access to Fibonacci LIBRARY and Fibonacci COMPENDIUM

Annual Membership to FibonacciMD with FULL access.

*Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, Nurses, Social Workers, Dieticians

Our goals:

Our number one goal is to expand our Compendium. We want to reach 10,000 medications, medical diagnoses, signs, and treatments in our Compendium. We want to expand our database to include evidence-based integrative medicine, nutrition, and bariatric medicine.  Our  Compendium now contains 6,000 medical terms, diagnoses and medications.


For our physicians and the medical community we have now launched a platform to offer Continuing Medical Education Credits when reading our blog articles or other portions of our APP.  And our programmers are continually working to further evolve our patented Annotation platform.


And for our non-medical users or professionals, we want to create a Patient Version of our medical compendium. Patients will then be able to access our App directly or the medical practitioner can give out selected handouts


What do we offer to our Members?

  1. DISCOUNTS - Discounted price on FibonacciMD® renewals.

  2. Up to 24 hours of CME Credit, AMA approved Category 1.  Read one of our Blog Articles of current medical interest, answer 5 test questions, respond to a short CME evaluation and then receive our CME certificate cosponsored by the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson.

  3. MONTHLY PATIENT HANDOUTS.  For example- low purine diet for gout patients, low potassium diet for hyperkalemic patients, sleep recommendations for insomnia, and why the Covid vaccine is safe

  4. Satisfaction that you will be helping us build and develop a reliable academic and educational platform!

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