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ADVERTISE with FibonacciMedicine

Looking to boost your brand visibility and engage your audience effectively? Look no further!


We're excited to invite you to advertise with us and unlock the potential of our digital ad space and conversational posts.


Our FibonacciMD platform offers a dynamic and targeted space to showcase your products and services to a diverse and engaged medical audience. With our strategic digital ad placements and thoughtfully crafted conversational posts, you can connect with your audience on a personal level, driving brand recognition and customer loyalty.


Don't miss the opportunity to position your brand in front of our vibrant community of professionals! Join us in creating meaningful connections and amplifying your business presence. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of advertising with our platform. Potential views 10,000 with duration of most views well over 1 minute.


Let's grow together!

Digital Ad Space 

Digital ads are placed on our website, blog, e-newsletter, and social media. Available as:

- Ads placed on our website

- Your Logo presented in our monthly newsletter, FibonacciNEWS

- Shout-outs on our LinkedIn and Facebook channels


Conversational Ads 

For less intrusive, more conversational ads submitted posts/articles can be placed on our FibonacciBLOG - something we call the Fibonacci FILES. These posts will also be shared on our newsletter and appropriate social media. (Medical topics on LinkedIn and Culinary Medicine topics and FibonacciRECIPES on Facebook).

FibonacciMD layout for Home page ad space

Home Page Digital Ad Space

Pricing based on 3 month options

7 Display Ad Locations

  • $500/3-month Home Page Leaderboard 728x270px

  • $450/3-month Home Page Double- Top 280x560px

  • $300/3-month Home Page- Square 280x280px

  • $300/3-month Home Page- Square 280x280px

  • $250/3-month Home Page- Square 280x280px

  • $250/3-month Home Page - Lower Left Rectangle 450x225px

  • $250/3-month Home Page - Lower Right Rectangle 450x225px

Non-Home Page Digital Ad Space

Display Ad Options

  • $200/3-month Page/Post  Rectangle AD 560x280px

  • $150/3-month Page/Post Square AD  280x280px

ad space layout for FibonacciMD
display ads in footer - layout

Footer Digital Ad Space

Display Ad in Footer on ALL Pages and Posts

$400 /3-month Footer of every page/post 728x270px

Conversational Ads

Elevate Your Presence with Conversational Ads! 🗨️


Say goodbye to traditional digital ads and hello to a new era of engagement!


We're excited to introduce our conversational ads – a refreshing alternative designed to captivate your audience across our blog, newsletters, and social media platforms.


Immerse your brand in meaningful conversations that resonate with your audience. These dynamic posts spark interaction, encourage discussions, and create an authentic connection with your community. By choosing conversational ads, you're not just promoting a product; you're fostering relationships and building brand loyalty.


Ready to stand out in a crowded digital space? Embrace the power of dialogue and let your brand's story unfold in a captivating way. Elevate your advertising game with us – where conversations matter!


Remember a website display ad is temporary whereas a Conversational Ad is not limited by time. Contact us today to explore the possibilities. 

Topics must be approved by FibonacciMEDICINE. Posts may be displayed in our FibonacciFILE (blog), on our social media platforms, and in our newsletters. COST: $500.00

NOTE: All conversational ads require at least 1 image or logo and the text must be at least 300 words. 

AD Request Form

Please fill out the following AD Request Form and our staff will contact you to discuss your advertising campaign, the availability for the types of ads, ad placement, and graphic requirements. 

AD Request FORM

Interested in:
Topics of interest:
Digital AD Locations:
Digital AD Duration:

Thanks for submitting an AD Request! We’ll get back to you soon.

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