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Compendium Features


Online Medical Encyclopedia

The FibonacciCOMPENDIUM is an online medical encyclopedia/dictionary accessible on the Internet from anywhere in the world. Medical professionals are invited to login and search for definitions, medications, diagnoses, and more. 


  • HIPAA compliant 

  • Provides relevant but simplified information necessary for the practice of primary care and specialty care providers worldwide.

  • Includes information about causes and risk factors

  • Lists pertinent diagnostic evaluation and differential diagnosis information.

  • Additional insights included in Pearls to Know.

  • Access via a website login on desktop or mobile phone.

  • Access saved login via Chrome browser plugin.

FibonacciCOMPENDIUM medical compendium


  • Time saving tool

  • Can be used while with a patient

  • More accurate and reliable than your usual Search platforms


Login Options

The Compendium feature is available on the There are two ways to access it from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone - by the website login ( or via a pre-saved login on Google Chrome browser with our Chrome extension.  

How To Use The Search Compendium


Login into or click on your saved FibonacciMD browser icon.


Type in a word where it says "Choose a word".


The Compendium search results will show the BEST MATCH and relevant terms in various specialty practices.  After a selection is made the medical term  definition  will include:

  • Names

  • Definition

  • Pearls to Know

  • Causes and Risk Factors

  • Diagnostic Evaluation and Differential Diagnosis

  • Treatment and Recommended Follow-Up

  • and Other relevant information​​


is a medical information technology system to:

Quickly define complicated       medical terminology

Present causes and risk factors

Aid in establishing a

    proper diagnosis

Provide pertinent drug





Type in search term, select best match, and read the results.

example of search compendium

Search our online medical encyclopedia while on the internet, from anywhere in the world.

Membership provides instant access by clicking on the link below.

Go to to subscribe!

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