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FibonacciMD® is a division of Ironwood Medical Information Technologies, LLC. (IMIT). The company launched FibonacciMD, a medical information technology APP ( created by doctors for doctors.


Helping to Advance the Medical World


Our Mission

To empower primary care and specialist clinicians by addressing their concerns of time management and patient management

To improve the productivity and knowledge of all primary care and specialist clinicians with a more efficient medical provider system

And to develop technology that enables the healthcare professional to instantly extract and analyze medical data from multiple sources

Our Team

The FibonacciMD® team and editorial staff consist of over 70 physicians, medical residents, medical students, and medical professionals operating as authors and editors to develop the content for a robust online APP. Collaborators also include prominent specialists in various technologies including highly experienced and outstanding programmers and engineers. The FibonacciMD® editorial team includes:​

The FibonacciMD APP

The APP ( was launched in April 2019 and uses technology to empower our medical community and improve productivity with online access to valuable information. The APP initially launched with two major features, the Search Compendium and the Annotate. Learn more about this product and the features of the FibonacciCOMPENDIUM and FibonacciANNOTATE.


In 2021 the APP expanded to include online CME tests for medical professionals - FibonacciCME (you can view a list of scheduled CME topics). 2021 also brought something we call Patient Handouts - short Medical briefs appropriate for doctors to share with their patients (typically a one-page PDF). In late 2021 the APP expanded yet again, this time focusing on providing articles for non-medical professionals, aka "the curious patients". November 2021 the content developed for "the curious" was expanded to include FibonacciRECIPES - our way of sharing culinary medicine with the general public.


In early 2022 we expanded the APP to include an online library listing all articles, patient handouts, and recipes by specialty - it's called FibonacciLIBRARY. APP members can access everything but now non-members are invited to purchase PDFs for $1.00 without committing to membership.

read more about the APP Features

Contact us for more information about FibonacciMD.

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