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Annotate Features

FibonacciMD Annotate

The Annotate feature creates hyperlinks on the fly searching your patient documents for complex medical terms.  Upload a patient Electronic Medical Record,  PDF, or Word document and watch as the program automatically starts to work; finding and quickly defining all of the complicated medical terms within the document.


  • Designed to be used while in front of the patient.

  • HIPAA compliant - no portion of the patient medical record is stored offsite.

  • EMR records can be annotated

  • PDF files can be annotated

  • MS Word documents can be annotated

annotate your EMR with FibonacciANNOTATE


  • Aids productivity by automatically elaborating on terms in a medical document.

  • Eliminates the need to alter normal workflow - it can be used while with a patient.

  • Defines medical terminology, abbreviations, eponyms, and phrases unfamiliar to the reader.

Login Options

The Annotate feature is available on the There are two ways to access it from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone - by the website login ( or via a pre-saved login on Google Chrome browser with our Chrome extension.  

How To Use Annotate


Upload the document (EMR, PDF, Word Doc) into FibonacciMD and press enter.


You will be able to see definitions for diseases, along with the CAUSES, TREATMENTS, and more.  Sit back and watch as the information appears before you in a clear and concise manner. The words will be highlighted and explained for you. It's that easy.


You receive a report containing unknown and unfamiliar words


is a medical information technology system to:

Quickly define complicated       medical terminology

Present causes and risk


Aid in establishing a

    proper diagnosis

Provide pertinent drug


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