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How to use the FibonacciMD Browser Extension Plugin ... for Annotations


Watch our new video on how to use the Chrome browser extension plugin to Annotate your medical records and documents.

Use Our Chrome Plugin with Our APP to Annotate

With the FibonacciMD Chrome plug-in, you’ll be able to access our entire medical dictionary while using your existing electronic medical records or documents. The FibonacciMD APP is a secure, patented technology that allows you to annotate your documents directly, without having to open another window or software.

Plug-in Installation

To get started, make sure you have already downloaded the FibonacciMD Chrome plug-in on to your browser. You can find instructions on how to do this on our blog post "How to install the FibonacciMD Chrome Browser Plugin" (it is also located on our Resources page).

Hypothetical Situation...

Let’s pretend that you have logged into an electronic medical record, like a patient’s chart (example shown in the video). With the FibonacciMD Chrome plug-in, you can quickly define difficult terminology without having to leave the screen.

For example, take a look at this patient’s problem list. What is spondylolisthesis? We can click the Fibonacci icon on the toolbar to find out. In the search bar, where it says to choose a word, begin typing spondylolisthesis. (Or copy and paste, because spondylolisthesis is a long word.) Right up top we are given our best match within the dictionary, and if we click on it, we’re shown the comprehensive information that the Fibonacci medical dictionary has to offer. Clicking the small arrow on the right will expand each section for spondylolisthesis, including our basic definition and related images for reference. If you need more information than this, simply scroll and expand the sections below, where you can find information on diagnostic evaluation, staging, treatment, possible complications, and prognosis.

But what if we don’t want to waste time using a search engine? This time, when we click on the FibonacciMD extension icon, let’s ignore the search bar and instead click the button to annotate the current page. FibonacciMD will actually highlight any unfamiliar terms on the page. (Simply click outside of this box to close it, your page will remain highlighted.)

If we hover over the highlighted term, a concise definition and related imagery pop-up. If we need more information, we can click the panel button here, and the full compendium is available right on the page. Simply click on the heading to navigate to the section you want.

Even if you move to work in other parts of the patient’s chart, FibonacciMD will continue to automatically highlight unfamiliar terminology. And as our dictionary continues to expand, you will be able to annotate more and more every day.

Thank you for choosing FibonacciMD as your medical dictionary. Medicine has never been more advanced, and with Fibonacci MD’s patented plug-in, you can continue to help others in the most efficient way possible.

Thanks for watching!


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