The Common Cold: Honey to Ma Huang


by Madeleine Beckman

Edited by Richard Strongwater, MD

The cold, also known as the “acute upper respiratory tract infection,” commonly occurs among adults and, in particular, young children. This viral infection, often caused by rhinoviruses, is related to sore throat, congested nasal passages, low-grade fever, and fatigue that can last up to 3 weeks; the flu on the other hand, caused by the influenza virus, usually manifests similar, but with more severe symptoms, muscle aches and higher fever.

Infected patients with the common cold want medicine from their doctors...

The full article covers:

How to feel better?

How to avoid catching a cold?

Do home remedies help?

  • Hot cocoa?

  • Mustard?

  • Chicken soup?

  • Ma huang?

  • Onions and garlic?

What is the bottom line?

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Madeleine Beckman

Madeleine Beckman is a writer and editor specializing in medicine & wellness. She teaches Narrative & Reflective Writing at NYU School of Medicine in the Division of Medical Humanities, and Creative Nonfiction with Denver University. Her books are available online.



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