Basic Water


by Zachary A. Knecht, PhD

“Basic water” does not refer to a fundamentally simpler form of H20. In this context, “basic” refers to alkalinity.

Science classes have taught us about the pH scale, the 0-14 spectrum that characterizes a solution as acidic, basic (alkaline), or neutral. A solution with a pH of 0-6 is acidic, of 8-14 is basic, and of 7 is neutral. Normal tap water has a pH of about 7.5. Most brands of bottled water have a pH of 6.5-7.5, and basic or alkaline drinking water has a pH of 8-9.

Some sources believe that basic water offers health benefits that include aging prevention, immune-system health, weight loss, skin health, and even cancer prevention....

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The Importance of pH

Limits to Drinking Basic Water


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Zachary A. Knecht, PhD

Dr. Knecht earned his PhD in Neurobiology at Brandeis University and currently works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge. His research involves understanding the molecular and cellular basis of tissue regeneration. Outside the lab he enjoys hiking, cooking and spending time with his wife and dog.


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