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Beginner's Core Exercise Handout

by Certified Fitness Expert Cathy Florakis

Orthopedics and Rehab

The following two exercises help to strengthen core, back, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

Consult your physician before starting any exercise program and stop exercise if you experience any pain

#1 Standing Jackknife

  • Standing tall keep both feet grounded with toes flat

  • Raise right leg, reach your left hand to tap the knee of your raised leg, repeat on other side

  • Progress by reaching for your shin. Progress this even further by reaching for your toe.

  • Hold onto a steady chair if necessary

#2 Dead Bug

  • In a supine position, keep your lower back and shoulders on the floor. It is very important to keep “the small” of your lower back pressed down against the ground (pelvic tilt), lift your legs (knees flexed at 90 degrees) so your knees are directly over your hips and lift your hands straight up, elbows above shoulders

  • Lower and straighten one leg until it’s just above the floor, return to start, repeat with other leg, Next extend one arm straight behind just above floor return to start, repeat other arm

  • You can progress this by simultaneously straightening and lowering the opposite leg and arm just above the floor

Cathy Florakis CORE Exercises (2 beginner and 2 intermediate exercises)



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Cathy Florakis

Cathy Florakis is a nationally certified fitness professional.


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