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ANNOUNCEMENT: FibonacciMD Launched

April 1, 2019 marked the launch of the new FibonacciMD app. The app was designed and created by the doctors of the Ironwood Medical Information Technologies group. This initial launch included two features the Search Compendium and the Annotate.

The Search Compendium is a valuable time-saving tool for doctors during patient management and treatment. The APP quickly defines a broad spectrum of medical terminology and aids diagnosis. New terms are being added weekly through a rigorous, multi-level editing process. 

Annotate is another time-saving feature that assists practicing healthcare physicians by adding notes to medical documents to provide explanations. The medical community simply uploads a medical document in a PDF or Word (doc) format and receives comments and explanations within minutes.

The APP is available on desktop and smartphones. Anyone can sign-up for FREE!

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