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New FibonacciLIBRARY

FibonacciMD launched a new feature in the, a Library listing of all articles in PDF form. They are available to all FibonacciMD member subscribers. Non-members can purchase a single PDF for $1.00 without subscribing to the APP.

This feature is particularly useful for the medical community that is not visiting the public website nor the social media notifications.

Some of the articles were written with patients in mind - what we call Patient Handouts. The medical community are invited to download PDFs that they feel are useful for their patients and share them.

The APP Library

You can get to the APP Library by going to and clicking on FibonacciLIBRARY.

The COM Library

The public website hosts a catalog of article topics and quick links to either the blog article or the APP PDF. You can get to the COM Library by going to .


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